Angela's Story

My name is Angela Beraud and this is my Body BaYou testimony. I started training with Sarah in June. After having two kids 15 months apart my body was not looking too great. I met with Sarah and she told me she would help me reach my goals. After performing the Functional Movement Screening, Sarah created a workout around my body's unique movement patterns. I didn't realize how weak my legs were until they gave out while doing lunges during our first session. I thought I would never make it, but Sarah didn't let that discourage me. Now, I can do so much more and my body is starting to look the way it did before I had kids. Sarah has helped me do things I never thought were possible! She has helped me lose inches, gain muscle and most importantly she has built my self- confidence. She is encouraging and always makes me feel like I am doing a great job! I am thankful for what she has helped me achieve. If you are looking to make some changes in your life and want to feel great about yourself, I encourage you to train with Sarah and her team at Body BaYou. You can contact her at