Donna's Story

One year ago, I began a journey with Christ that changed me on the inside as much as the outside. I received an email from Sarah Miller, owner of Body Bayou Personal Training, LLC, about participating in her group training at Magnolia United Methodist Church in Central. At that time I was recovering from knee surgery, had back ailments that limited my movement, and had no desire to exercise or change my eating habits. On top of everything, my Type-II Diabetes was out of control. All the while, I knew I had a real problem. Over eating and not exercising were contributing to my health problems. It was time to make a change. I decided to sign up for Body Bayou Group Training.

After being in group training for only a few weeks, I had a strong desire of my need to exercise; to eat healthy; and, more importantly, to know and love God more, with all that I am. My goal was not to look great or to lose a certain number of pounds, but to crave Christ more than I did anything else. Anything else! That list included much more than just food. It's just that a weakness for food manifests itself in fat that is evident to everyone.

At Body Bayou Group Training, Sarah Miller provided me with the encouragement to get moving and the expertise to help build muscle. Sarah made modifications to the exercises so that I could complete a full workout despite my back and knee problems. At group training I made friends of all ages and fitness goals that, with Sarah, kept me attending regularly even before I found it to be fun. This accountability and sense of community helped me maintain consistency in my workouts. Working out slowly became something I wanted to do, not just had to do. Now I even look forward to it! What a difference it has made for my 53 year-old body.

I am thankful to Christ and all those He has sent my way to help me along this journey. I have lost 63 pounds, am completely off insulin and my diabetes is considered under control. I feel great!

Sarah gives individual attention to help you achieve your fitness goals just as I did. To sign up, email and visit to learn more.

Donna Brown