Jere's Story

My name is Jere and I'm 54 years old. After having surgery on my back, repairs to both rotator cuff's, and arthritis in my knees and foot, I had very little strength in my entire body. On the advice of my doctor, it was highly recommended that I find a fitness program that would strengthen my back, shoulders, and thighs, as this would take some of the pressure off the knees. That's when I found Body BaYou. After five months of working out with Sarah, not only have I impressed the doctors with the strength and movement in my back and shoulders, I have also lost 30 pounds and more than 20 inches. I am doing exercises and movements I thought were long gone because of my age and physical ailments. However, Sarah's expertise in adapting a fitness program around my strengths and weaknesses allowed me to become stronger then I have ever been. When I first started working with Sarah I could barely hold a plank position. Now, I can now do push-ups on the floor (not the girly pushups on your knees...real push-ups!) and I am getting stronger every month. Joining Body BaYou was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Don't let physical ailments keep you from creating the life that you've always wanted. Contact Sarah and improve your life like I did. You won't regret it.